Frequently Asked Questions About Commerce3D

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  • 💻 What is 3D product visualization?

    3D product visualization is the process of creating 3D models - digital representations of a product, real or imagined - from 2D images or CAD files.

  • 📸 What is virtual photography?

    Virtual photography is the creation of 100% digital photorealistic product images. Virtual photography enables the creation of hundreds of product images from a single 3D model to see your product from any angle or in any environment. All that is required is the 3D model - eliminating the need for expensive photographers, cameras and transportation costs.

  • 🧐 How do I know if 3D virtual photography is for my brand?

    3D product visuals are best suited for commerce brands experiencing:

    • High cost of photography;

    • Slow delivery of product visuals;

    • Keeping up with digital transformation;

    • Have different product modifications;

    • Improving upon eCommerce KPIs: engagement, conversions, product returns, etc.

  • 💵 How does the pricing work?

    Our virtual photography pricing is based on the number of product images. The more images you order lower the price would be for each image. For classic product catalog photos the price starts from $ 49 per shot. For colorful backdrops photos the price starts from $ 49 per shot. For lifestyle product photography the price starts from $ 150.

  • ❔ Can I test Commerce3D for free?

    If you are new to Commerce3D we offer free trial 2 photos of your product with any additional content type (classic virtual photography, lifestyle scenes, etc).

  • ⚙️ Does Commerce3D team help with the image optimization?

    Yes, we prepare images for your e-commerce platform (Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon) in terms of SEO optimization, size and resolution.

    Thus you are getting optimized and ready to use images of your products.

  • 💡 What do I need to make a 3D visual of my product?

    It would be great if you have 1 - 4 reference images or CAD files of your product.

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