Is Hyper-Realistic CGI Product Content Right for Your Brand?

In this article, we'll explore crucial factors for using hyper-realistic CGI in product content, including eCommerce KPIs, brand identity, and content updates.
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Sanketee Kher
April 10, 2023
With the rapid advancements in technology, CGI product photography and video have become increasingly popular in marketing and advertising campaigns. This innovative approach offers a unique way to showcase your brand’s products in a visually stunning way. But how do you know if this type of content is right for your brand?
In this article, we’ll explore some factors to consider when deciding if CGI product content is a good fit for your business.

Factors to Consider When Deciding If CGI Is Right for Your Brand

Improving eCommerce KPIs

If your goal is to improve eCommerce KPIs (engagement, conversions rates and product returns), using CGI can help fast-track the process to achieve your goal faster and with less effort.
Engagement: High-quality, hyper-realistic CGI product content captures the attention of potential customers, leading to increased interest in your products. By controlling every aspect of the final image or video scenario, you can develop strategies that increase customer engagement. Tailoring content to the target audience through different backgrounds and props allows businesses to create visuals that resonate with customers and drive engagement further.

There are several factors that can engage customers in product photos. One of the most important factors is the use of bright colors. Bright colors can help grab attention and create a sense of excitement or playfulness. They can also convey a sense of energy or youthfulness, which can be particularly effective when targeting younger demographics.

Clean, polished visuals can also help engage customers. This includes factors like image quality, lighting, and composition. High-quality product photos can convey a sense of professionalism and quality, making customers more likely to trust and purchase from your brand.

In addition to these factors, it's important to consider how the product photos are framed and presented. For example, CGI lifestyle scenes that show the product in use can help customers envision themselves using the product in their own lives. It's also important to consider the context in which the product photos are presented, such as the website design, brand messaging, and target audience.
Conversions: Accurate and detailed product visuals play a significant role in influencing purchase decisions. CGI content allows brands to showcase their products' features, materials, and colors with remarkable precision, which helps eliminate uncertainties and encourages customers to complete their purchase. Additionally, the ability to display products from multiple angles or even in 3D can further increase conversion rates by providing a comprehensive understanding of the product.
Product Returns: One of the primary reasons for product returns in eCommerce is a discrepancy between customer expectations and the actual product received, often caused by unclear or misleading imagery.

Traditional photography can sometimes distort a product's colors and proportions due to factors like the lens of the camera and lighting conditions. For example, the fish-eye effect caused by the camera lens can make products appear distorted and disproportionate, leading to confusion and disappointment for customers. This can result in an increase in product returns, which can be costly and damaging to a brand's reputation.

By contrast, hyper-realistic CGI product content allows brands to have full control over the color, proportions, and texture of the product. This ensures that the product is accurately represented in the imagery, giving customers a clear understanding of what they can expect to receive. With an accurate understanding of the product's appearance and features, customers are less likely to return their purchase due to unmet expectations. This results in reduced return rates and increased customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for optimizing and improving your eCommerce KPIs, then CGI product photography can be a perfect match.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is one of the most important factors for any e-commerce or retail brand, as it influences how your target audience perceives your brand and its values.

While hyper-realistic CGI product photography offers numerous benefits, such as cost savings and versatility, it may not always be the perfect fit for every brand.

For instance, a brand that prides itself on the authenticity of its products might find that the polished and sleek appearance typically associated with CGI could inadvertently dilute their core message. In such cases, opting for traditional photography that captures the organic, handcrafted essence of the products may better resonate with the target audience and reinforce the brand's identity.

The brand's identity revolves around promoting a unique mood and natural essence in its product line. In this context, choosing authentic, natural images that showcase the products in their truest form helps create a stronger connection with the audience and builds trust.

For brands like Melyon, a Scandinavian personal care brand, the decision to prioritize traditional photography over CGI product photography aligns perfectly with their brand identity. By emphasizing the natural, organic qualities of their products, they successfully convey their core values and foster a sense of reliability with their audience.
Melyon Social Media styling

Frequent content updates

If your brand requires constant content refreshment, or if you need to cater to different audience segments across various platforms, then investing in CGI can be an advantage in a competitive market. With the ability to create realistic, high-quality product images without the logistical and financial constraints of traditional photography, CGI product content offers brands the flexibility to quickly adapt their visuals to changing trends, seasonal updates, or platform-specific requirements. Instead of organizing and executing multiple photoshoots for each marketing channel or update, brands can generate a wide array of product images and variations using a single digital model. This not only reduces the need for physical inventory and shipping but also streamlines the creative process, making it more sustainable and eco-friendly.

When it comes to traditional photography, it's not the top choice for reaching this goal. You'll need to have the product in hand, and it might take a few weeks just to get your products to the studio, not to mention planning and carrying out a full photoshoot. In today's fast-moving market, these delays could seriously slow down a brand's growth.

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