The Complete Guide to Amazon Image Requirements in 2024

In this guide, we’re sharing Amazon image requirements to help you create an impact and increase sales.
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Sanketee Kher
January 30, 2024
Amazon image requirements
Have you put up a product on Amazon but are yet to get any sales? The issue is seldom with the product, but rather its ranking and discoverability.

Knowing what is in demand among online shoppers is just the beginning. Once you find the perfect product to list on Amazon, you need to optimize the product listing to ensure it attracts shoppers.
As per industry experts on Linkedin, 75% of shoppers decide to buy a product online based on the product images.

So, a big part of your e-commerce success is carefully curating product images. There are two main aspects to this:
  1. Create a great set of color-balanced product photographs
  2. Follow Amazon image requirements
Amazon’s specifications and guidelines make a big difference in how well your product is placed and easily accessible to online shoppers.

This blog covers everything you need to know to create and upload quality product photographs as per Amazon image requirements.

Table of Contents:

Amazon image requirements

Why you should follow Amazon’s image requirements

According to an article by Forbes, 65% of people are visual learners, meaning they absorb information better when a clear, relevant image is present.

Amazon image requirements help you represent your product image in the best possible way, across all browsers and platforms. So, to create robust Amazon images appealing to shoppers, you need to stick to these requirements.

Dynamic features and competitive pricing are important. However, the thing that first draws online shoppers to a product is the little thumbnail accompanying the product name and details.

So the appearance and quality of product images are vital to how highly products rank on Amazon, right from the first thumbnail view to a full-screen examination. Here is an example of a top-selling listing with straightforward and clear Amazon product images created by the Commerce3D team.
Amazon image requirements
Online shopping relies heavily on what the product looks like since the shopper will only get to handle it after delivery. Amazon product image guidelines exist to ensure product images are informative, clear, and appealing for maximum impact.

You can find this and more information on Amazon’s Seller Central along with other guidelines and a helpful blog covering various ecommerce topics.

Note: while general rules remain the same, specific guidelines may differ from country to country.

Let us now look at the key points you need to know to comply with the Amazon image requirements.

What are MAIN images and why do they matter?

The product detail page usually has a few different pictures of the product. The first image among these is the ‘MAIN’ image. It matters as it is the image displayed to customers in the item search. Your main image should clearly show the product on a white background.

What are the allowed image formats and sizes?

Amazon product image guidelines specify images must be PNGs, JPEGs, TIFFs, or GIFs. If you’re using GIFs, note that animated ones are not supported. JPEGs are the preferred and common format.

For the best shopping experience, the image size should be 1,600px or more for an optimal zoomed-in view. The maximum is 10,000px, while the minimum is 500px.

Can you include logos and badges in product images?

Brands can, of course, present their product images with the brand logo and trademark.

However, you cannot display the Amazon, Alexa, or Prime logos, or any badges that say ‘Bestseller’, ‘Amazon’s Choice’, ‘Topseller’, ‘Amazon Alexa’, and so on. There are separate stringent trademark use guidelines for Amazon Mark badges.

What kind of product images should you use?

Amazon images should match the product description and name. Ensure the image is of a high quality, is not pixelated or blurry, and is the central focus.

The product picturized in each photograph must fill at least 85% of the frame. Do not use anything that has nudity or sexual implications. Swimwear and underwear for children or toddlers should not be shown on human models.

What are the guidelines for the MAIN image?

Main Amazon images must be professionally made and presented outside of any packaging or carton/bag.
Amazon image requirements
Do not use illustrations or placeholders, only actual photographs are allowed. Main Amazon product images should not include any props or accessories that are not part of the item listing.

You can find the other complementary guidelines to list products on Amazon’s guide on selling for beginners.

What to avoid as per Amazon image requirements

Ensure that your product image DOES NOT:

  • Show baby or child clothing on a model; use flat (off-model) photographs for MAIN images instead
  • Use photographs that are misleading or misrepresentative of the products or their functions
  • Have any offensive, inflammatory, pornographic, or abusive text or imagery, even as a joke
  • Include external contact details such as email addresses, URLs, phone numbers, or social media accounts
  • Describe or depict movie and book spoilers or customer reviews and ratings
  • Contain written or pictorial content that goes against the laws of the country
  • Upload videos that are not PG-rated or that are time-sensitive (for example, an offer that expires in some time)
  • Include advertisements, promotional material, or demands for positive reviews
Knowing and following these Amazon image guidelines is a good start to having a great product listing.

How to take and create impactful Amazon product images

For product photographs to be attractive and attention-grabbing, they need to be professionally made and aesthetically appealing. They must also showcase contextual use, like in this sofa listing below.
Amazon product images
Immersive and creative photography can prompt shoppers to make the purchase, irrespective of the platform.

However, quality product photography is highly technical and effort-intensive. If you want to increase your chance at sales with Amazon images, follow these product photography best practices.

1.Use High Quality Product Content

Set up the lighting so that every part of the product is clearly visible and true to its original color, texture, and dimensions. Having high-quality photographs also ensures you can give users the zoom-in option when they browse through your Amazon product images.

2.Take multiple angles and shots of the product

The main image should be a mid-close-up taken from a front angle, for best compliance with Amazon image guidelines. The product should take up most of the frame. Also, take pictures of the different sides of the product, from different angles so shoppers are not left wondering what they’re missing.

3.Include some variety in high-quality flat images

Apart from using a standard white background for flat (off-model) images, you can also use creative and colorful backgrounds. Choose what complements your product, brand, and target consumer base for best results. Remember to avoid immodest content and anything negative in general.

4.Show the product in different contexts

Since users don’t get to physically examine the product before buying, you should depict contextual usages in your product photographs by using lifestyle scenes. This helps give people a sense of the scale, size, and perspective.
These pointers alongside the guidelines for Amazon product photos can help potential shoppers connect better with your products. This also makes the product authentic and more trustable to shoppers.

Create striking product images as per Amazon image requirements to boost your sales

Amazon product images
Quality photographs are at the heart of good online sales. However, a lot of time, skill, and effort is needed to get the right set of photographs. People today expect to see around 8 images per product, where ecommerce listings are concerned. So, this can be an expensive affair.

Considering this, a good alternative would be to opt for CGI product photography. Hyperrealistic CGI product photographs are leading the way ahead in customer experience and online marketing. And research shows 3D photography can be up to 6 times cheaper than traditional photography.

Thinking of creating some quality product photos that fulfill Amazon image requirements? Commerce3D provides a host of packages for hyperrealistic engaging virtual content that is designed to boost product sales. You can get your first two CGI product photographs!

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